Tuesday, January 29, 2013

stress test

Hey gang:
Well it is just before 0830 and I am getting ready to hit the cardiac stress test at 1015, which probably mean 1045, but we’ll see.
When I was sick the hardest thing for me wasn’t the cancer or the chemo side effects, it was the chemo induced heart problem I had. Well now I fine, but the doc wants to check and see if the heart thing is still good. The heart problem was an ejection fraction challenge. You see when you heart pumps not all the blood is ejected a small amount stays behind to help keep things lubricated and well every pump leaves a bit behind.
My problem was my heart was leaving about 30% behind the normal number is about 10 – 15 %.
Well anyway, I have to change my clothes and I’m off to the doctors.

Not too freaked out.

Echocardiogram Friday



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