Saturday, January 5, 2013

Not a lot to tell

Well Gang:

No big revelations since yesterday except, working at home is tough if you actually work. Yikes.

I know one thing for sure I have very little will power as fare as cakes go. Man I do love pastry and baked good. It will be my downfall.

This chemo-brain thing is really aggravating. I was just trying to think of the word for anti-cancer properties of food and I was stumped. That is happening more than I like lately. Kind of irritating. The word is antioxidant. What I was saying is I hope cake has an antioxidant effect, because I’ve been eating a lot of it. 

I recently read an article that said you should try to blog everyday. Well, sometimes it is hard to think of things to say, especially if you’re not sure anyone is reading. What does my audience want to talk about? Oh well, I guess this is a loneliness of a long distance runner kind of thing.

Oh well … BTW the above reference has nothing to do with the modern poem or movie. In fact, I’ve never read or seen either of those. At least I don’t think I have – how the hell would I know anyway.

Got a crushing headache, but I’m avoiding the docs office. I have a long history of headaches.

That’s it. See you tomorrow when I talk about job hunting or job staying.

Just a photo from Bennington Vt.

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