Wednesday, January 23, 2013

JUry duty


Well I’m off judge other people today. And I’m not even going to work.  

Yep, give ‘em all a first class trial, then a first class hanging. It’s jury duty day.  You know you’re in trouble when the instructions include “bring something to pass the time.” I hope I get a murder or something cool. My goal is to be on Dateline when Keith Morrison interviews the jurists.

“Yes Keith I was conflicted when we went into the jury room,” I’ll say. “ I was still willing to believe it was an accident even though he ran over the victim with his pickup truck 27 time. I though it was pretty circumstantial, but once I hear him speak and say the word irregardless, I knew he was guilty. That was his tell. Irregardless –without, without regard. Murdering the King’s English more like it!”

I suspect this is going to be quite the goat rope at the New Castle County Courthouse. The telephone instructions are sooooooo long that I was expecting a commercial. Oh well I need to take a shower.

See ya,


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