Saturday, January 12, 2013

I don’t care Lance Armstrong Cheated

Good morning my friends:

 I want to talk about lance Armstrong today.

I don’t care if the guy sold crack outside churches. His foundation helped me survive cancer; if he was able to start it due to a lie and doping – I’m good that with that. I recently watched Anderson Cooper interview a couple of sports journalists. The two reporters babbled about how people aren’t in an uproar about Lance (I call him Lance) and it’s because we don’t want to believe it. Especially cancer patients/survivors.

Boy, are they off the mark. There are two reasons we aren’t in an uproar.

First -- We cancer survivors just don’t care he cheated. To our mind – the ends justified the means. Had the Livestrong foundation not been around, there would have been a big hole in my cancer approach and awareness.

Second – It’s cycling, not baseball, football, basketball, hockey, or even soccer. It’s like a fifth tier professional sport in the U.S.  Shoot, professional wrestling is bigger. Given all the hubbub about the 2nd amendment these days, one would think skeet shooting was bigger. Jeepers.

The sports journalist broke a big story where the antagonist is helping save the lives of regular folks – of course no one is outraged. They should have anticipated the lack of falderal.

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