Wednesday, January 16, 2013

four month follow up

Well gang this is it:

Off to the doctor’s for a bit of blood work. Should be pretty quick. I am always a bit apprehensive though. One time I went there, felt pretty well, and was sent to the hospital for a couple of weeks, so who knows.

It’s very quiet here this morning. All I can really here is the far off swoosh of car tires against rain the rain covered street outside my door. All those people off to work. Life can be hard.

I always take the whole day off when I have these appointments. I don’t know why, but I do. It feels right. I guess this is going to be a kind of rambling post.

Things to discuss with the doc:

Medications – Maybe I’ll get to come off a few of them. I remember my mom having bottles of meds in the kitchen spread  across the counter. Now it’s me. Kind of weird. I’ve been thinking about morality and getting older. It has all flown by so quickly this life.

Fatigue – I’m always tired. My mom used to joke when I was a young man that all I did was sleep. That was because of booze and women. Now I’m bone weary most days and sober too.

Muscle recovery – I’ve been thinking about this. I workout regularly and every time it is as if I hadn’t done anything in months. My muscles still get that beginner soreness. It’s freaking weird. I’ve been attempting – keyword – doing more pushups over the past few week and two days ago I could barely do 12 at once. It’s astounding. It get so damn discouraging. Oh well. Some people tell me its because I’m older now. That’s poppycock. That is not what this feels like.

Neuropathy – I still gets this ripping tearing pain across the top of my feet sometimes. It doesn’t matter what shoes I wear, what I’m doing, or what time f day it is. The only thing that makes a difference is when I wear Merrill hiking shoes. I might ask the big bosses if I can wear those to work in lieu of dress shoes.


Well, I’m sure I’ll get good news today. I’m pretty confident about that. Except for a couple of days when I felt nauseous and my stomach was doing cartwheels I’ve felt pretty good. Update you tomorrow.


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