Sunday, January 20, 2013

Well it’s a bit after 0630; had a nice cup of Wawa java and I’m just sitting here lamenting my fatness. Jeepers. I need to cut some weight again, but I really don’t feel like it. If it didn’t make my scar from the bowel resection ache, I’d probably surrender and call it a day.

I’ve joined this Burkitt’s Lymphoma support group and there are people in different stages of cancer and it is hard knowing the length of the journey ahead for some of the newbies. Damned cancer – as Shakespeare might say.

Well I’m moving my recumbent bike out of the garage and into the house so I can use it this winter. It’s time to get back in gear. Like I said yesterday it’s portion control and low carbs starting Monday. Except for Super Bowl Sunday.

I didn’t work out much last week because I was lazy and over committed at work and with doctor’s appointments. I guess I could have forced myself to do it when I came home, but I don’t like working out at night so much.

Maybe I’ll start blogging at night and work out before I go to work. Hmmmmmm.

Much to consider.

Okay here’s my weight 248

225 by 1 sep 13


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