Tuesday, February 12, 2013

pain and work

Hey homeboys, homegirls:

My abdomen pain is pretty annoying. I need to run by the doctor one day to get this checked. If you’ve followed this thing all along you will know that abdominal pain has been my constant companion since the bowel resection almost two yeas ago.

Well this is a bit different. It feels more like a stomach flu than anything else. My strategy right now is do nothing and see what happens.

Work is work. Had a completely unfulfilling meeting yesterday. Ever have those meetings when everyone else says you are wrong on every point and you know you’re not. That’s what yesterday was like.  It was so frustrating. I know something is wrong, but there is something gurgling behind the scenes I can’t figure out. Oh well I get paid for enthusiastically support the bosses decisions whether they’re good or bad.


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