Thursday, February 21, 2013

feeling okay

Hey all:

Feeling a bit better today. A bit fatigued from working out yesterday. I need to make sure I do the resting piece of the exercise continuum -- I’m already doing the carbo-loading.  After all, I’m not 50 anymore. I may not even do my pushups at lunch today.

Work’s okay.

I think I’m finally losing some weight. I was down to … yesterday.  Oh it must have gotten deleted somehow. Huh? How is that possible.

I need to get ready for work, but what I really want is to go back to bed.  I have this little Yorkie and she thinks she can talk. So she comes in the bedroom and says rrrrah, rrrrrah, rrrrrah. Then she turns around goes out to the kitchen and starts slapping her plastic bowl across the white ceramic tile floor. She comes back into the bedroom and says and this is a quote, “rrrah, rrrrrah, rrrrrah.”

I guess that means get your fat Irish butt out of bed and get me a snack.

Oh well.

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