Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back, but groggy

I want to thank you everyone for helping  dry my big old middle-aged fat guy tears. Yes, I am a crybaby. Always have been; always will be. I am much more better today. Okay that’s not good grammar. I am betterer – there that should do it.

Neuropathy? Why I spit in the eye of neuropathy; I grind it out like a hobo grinds the end of a twice-smoked cigar. Ha. I laugh at it. Until of course, it laughs back; then I join my Yorkshire Terrier under the bed; both of us quivering like robins hiding from a cat. Hmm not very distinguished I grant you, but one has to do, what one has to do.

Didn’t have much oomph last night. I kind of hung around, ate a late dinner, read a bit, and went to bed. I slept to 0635. That’s very late for me. I don’t know why that is, but I am still groggy. I even started wondering if I mistakenly took an Ambien in lieu of one of the ½ dozen pills I still take. I’ve done it before; will probably do it again someday when I’m not paying attention.

Anyway I hit the recumbent bike for about 45 minutes last night, watching recorded episodes of the Daily Show.

Anyway, thanks you guys I appreciate it.

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