Friday, July 12, 2013

tip and death march

Here’s the stupid ting I did yesterday. Lately I’ve been going on walks/runs with one of those surgical tubing exercise band things. At the end of every song (I am also wearing my Ipod) I’ll stop running do some push ups or use the exercise bands. I’m figuring that’s getting easier so I should move up to a couple of ten pound weights. 

Yesterday I start out on my two and half mile loop and begin my thing. It becomes apparent pretty quickly that walking around with these weights is kind of hard. so I start doing curls while I’m walking, some lateral raises, and other little oddities of self-sadism. Once I throw in some leg lift after every song I’m working hard. The sweat is drenching me and this small walk turns in to the Bataan Death March. 
I feel like the legionaries from Beau Geste.  I can hear Telly Savalas yelling, “March or die.” 

After almost and hour and ten minutes I make it back to my starting point. Go up to my office and collapse in my chair. 

Well, after this bout of silliness, I decided the only thing worth doing now is undoing all the hard work by overeating at dinner. Two cheeseburgers and two hot dogs later. I’m in my recliner all roly-poly, watching Big Brother. 

Today everything aches. Oh well 

Cancer tip #7 -- GOYA (Get Off Your Ass). AS miserable as you may be or are gonna be., Get moving. Drag you and your IV stand down the hall of the hospital and make a spectacle of yourself. It’ll help you in your recovery later. If you don’t do something to get a little exercise you’ll start obsessing, become lethargic, and this damn cancer will start to thing it’s wining. Is It hard – You bet!! It’s better than lying in bed though.

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