Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tip 24, maybe 25

Tip # 24 or 25 – Jeez I am still flummoxed by Mackie being at the hospital. I’ll figure it soon; she should be back to me on Saturday. I’m skeptical. Anyway, thanks for the great suggestions about showering with picc lines. I’ll consolidate them all in a bit. On with Tip 20- something-or-other.
Do not allow yourself to pout, suck your thumb, or get depressed for more than 48 straight hours. During that 48 hour period listen to whiney country music, write depressing poetry, watch Ingmar Bergman films; or better still listen to modern remakes of classic tunes (that will really depress you. Lauren Hill’s mess of Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly” comes readily to mind. I’m depressed just thinking about it – but that’s not the point.) On the 49th hour snap out of it. Take your non-dominant hand, reach up and pull on the hand with the thumb in your mouth until you hear a popping sound. Now dust yourself off and get back into the fight with a good positive mental attitude. Feeling sorry for yourself is good in stages and good cries are cleansing, but prolonged doubt allows cancer to redouble its efforts and counter attack (I think I mentioned that I believe cancer is a living, thinking enemy; I know it’s not true, but I believe it anyway.)
“Bill that’s kind of harsh?” you may be thinking. Well most remakes aren’t as good as originals.

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