Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A blast at work

Well, I rarely say this; yesterday was a blast at work. One of my good buddies came back from vacation, I went to a contentious yet meaningless meeting, and the overall lunacy of the people I work with was on full display. I love them all, but I am quite sure they are insane. At this moment I thank God for giving cancer and perspective.

Those of you who know me realize that I think I am wonderful. I love to go to meetings and hear that most beautiful of music – my own voice. Not only is the sweetness of my voice so soothing, I am equally convinced that the pearls of wisdom I pronounce are so full of sagacity that a scribe should follow me around and jot down my utterances for posterity.

At one of my life and death meetings yesterday I watched as lesser mortals tried to emulate my approach. If not for fire alarm caused by a faulty toaster that had – I suspect – an errant raisin lodged in the heating coil, the august gathering would have been a muddle of gobbledygook we’ve covered a hundred times with most beating the same drum they beat at the five previous meetings would’ve been uninterrupted. It was wonder in its tediousness and blather factor. And yet I just sat there and watched.

Not exactly an inspiring story of survivorship I grant you, but it was nonetheless a sublime exercise in pole-vaulting over mouse turds and new perspective. 

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