Monday, July 15, 2013

Six month follow up and tip #10

Well I’m off to my six month follow up. I’m always a bit angsty on these days. Not so much about cancer, but I’ll have to get on the scale. Yikes! Okay the cancer stuff freaks me out too. 
So far I’ve been asymptomatic and it’ll probably stay that way. I don’t feel any cancer and I haven’t been nauseous. So all is good. I bet my platelets are still <100,000. Even so that’s good. I’m hoping for a "see you in a year” follow up. 
I was thinking about going to the chemo suite to say hi, but I need to stop and get some donuts for the ladies and whatever poor bastards are hanging around having poison drip into their veins. The good news is that the chemo patients won’t have any appetite so a dozen donuts should do it. 

That’s it,

Cancer Tip #10 – Start a blog. Either Caring Bridge, whatever the hospital might have, or go to blogspot. It’ll save you a lot of time telling the same story over and over again. Type it up once a day and everyone is informed. While you’re at it establish “office hours’ so people won’t be bugging you when you nap. Post hat on your blog. Email the address and/or login info to everybody that needs to know your business. 

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