Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cancer Tip Lucky 13

Cancer Tip Lucky 13 – Don’t be stupid. Although this never happened to me, I am told that someone, after his first or second round of chemo, attempted to mow the front lawn even though his red blood cells were non-existent. His wife came out, scraped him off the front stoop, wheeled him into the house, and his next door neighbor came over and finished the job. The next day he attempted to fix a ceiling fan in the bedroom and that three-hour job lasted a week and a half. That probably wasn’t me, but pride goeth before the fall (off a ladder in my case). Damn! I slipped up; it was me. Shoot. Anyway, only push yourself to the limits of your blood counts. Remember what John Wayne said, “Life is tough;it’s tougher if you’re stupid.” At least I think it was him -- it might have been my mother after report cards.

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