Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tip 6

Wassup Guys:
Things are going great. I’ve been trying half-heartedly to get an adjunct teaching job. I’d like a little cash. I’m heading to Seattle in September and I want to spend like a drunken sailor, but money is getting a bit tight. OH well it’s not the end of the world. 

Played golf Sunday and it was sweltering hot. I had to swallow my massive male ego and quit after nine holes. The older guys I play with were kind and didn’t make fun of me. Better to be humbled than stupid I guess. 

Tip #6 – I didn’t realize I had this many. Okay Tip #6. Keep two bags packed at all times. One will be your “Gosh Darn It I didn’t Plan To Go To Hospital Today” bag and the other is your “Outpatient Chemo” day trip bag. Have everything ready for a week long unplanned hospital stay packed up. You know, undies, pj’s, books, secret blankies nobody knows bout – that kind of stuff. Once your “Gosh Darn It” bag is packed take it with you while you are getting chemo to every doctor’s visit.
In your Outpatient Chemo day trip bag, take snacks you can stomach, your Ipod, books or magazines, some cash for the lady with the snack cart, and other toys. Take a cell phone for the stay that goes extra long and you need a new ride. 

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