Thursday, July 25, 2013


cancer tip #19 This one is from Beth. And it’s a good one that I almost forgo all about. She writes: “Was visiting at the hospital today and thought of another one. Get dressed in regular clothes. I know that in the whole scheme of life that seems unimportant but, it gives a sense of normalcy about your life.” 

Things are going okay. Very tired today. Lots of home stress. Nothing too outside of the norm, but home stressors nonetheless. 

A minor catastrophe Tuesday, (if there is such a thing as a minor catastrophe). I dropped my wonderful MacBook in the parking lot of Delaware State University. I thought my padded carrying case was zipped, but it wasn’t. My laptop slid out of the case when I laced it on the roof of the car. Wham!

At first it didn’t work, but as I fiddled with it I discovered I have to put the screen just so and it works okay. The mouse pad is messed up, but the machine is useable. I have a great emotional attachment to this stupid thing; it was with for my entire cancer journey. I’ve get stickers on it. Poop.

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