Thursday, May 30, 2013

weaker than I was

Here we go. Losing muscle strength is so easy these days. I would like to think it’s because of cancer, low platelets, the moon in the wrong spot, or sun flares, but I’m pretty sure its age. I went for a trudge yesterday with my IPod cranking some running tunes. You know stuff so I could keep a good pace (should’ve been dirges). Here was plan – at the end of every song I’d drop for ten pushups. Well at the end of the first tune I dropped, did my ten, got up, and ran again. I remember thinking that “that was unexpectedly difficult.”

Well as each song ended I was doing more dropping and less pushing. After about a half hour of this I was pretty beat and barely completed a two and a half mile route.

This is from a guy who spent most of the winter walking up and down flights of stairs and doing pushups at the landings. Jeez?

That’s it for today. Walking today and then attack my disassembled bathroom.

Love to all,

Billy Boy

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