Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cupcake caper

Running a  tad behind this morning so this’ll have to be quick – ah hell with it – I can be a little late.

Yesterday I’m up in my office early for a change and this email pops up and it says, “I have cupcakes to celebrate your recovery.” I figure it must be spam, but who would be so evil to entice someone with fake cupcakes? No one I says to myself.

I hotfoot it down the stairs to the Unemployment Insurance office where hey think great thoughts and calculate things I guess, while all the time file things in long rows of folder that would make doctors offices envious. There are secret that would make Indiana Jones blush stored in one of those rooms.

Anyway I get there and this wonderful woman with short blonde hair is there with a plate of multi-colored cupcakes spelling out chemo – 13. I’m not sure if it was beauty of the gesture or the wonder of the cupcakes., but I snatched on (or was two) and ran upstairs to my office and cried a bit. I’m such a schlep.

I actually went back for seconds.

Love to all,


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