Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A morning sketch

It was beautiful morning as Bill sat in his backyard with an orange cup filled to the brim with black Gevalia Columbian coffee. The java was strong and the aroma filled the backyard seemingly jazzing the birds who’ve begun using the back yard as the main thoroughfare for all things birds on Stafford Avenue.  The Black Capped Chickadees flitted, spun, and dove from branch to branch; each one alive with an indiscernible mission that took across the expanse of six giant pine trees lining Bill’s back yard fence. The Robins, Cardinals, Siskins and Hummingbirds were there too; each with its own business to complete. Far above, at the highest point, where the trees touch the sky, a nest of hawks watched the play and quietly gave their approval, by not interfering.
It was a wonderful morning

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