Monday, May 6, 2013

A new week of opportunities

Good morning homeys:

Another big week is upon us and as always there is lots of whining ahead, but I’m gonna hold off a bit for that although my upset stomach yesterday was epic.

I am an old hippy. Saturday I volunteered at the Corbit-Calloway Library in Odessa for its annual yard sale and fundraiser. I sold hot dogs, pop, pretzels, and other foods. I wandered the tables and came across a treasure trove of old vinyl records and bought a couple of Tull albums, Frank Zappa (may he rest in peace), Traffic, and drum roll please … a perfect copy of Rolling Stones, Hot Rocks—that’s the hippie part.

I have a big week – like I said. I have to put the finishing touches on a bunch of stuff before our Department’s Employer Conference Next week. It should be pretty good.

Wednesday afternoon I am having lunch with the Leukemia and Lymphoma society folks to help them with my unusual skill set (what ever the hell that is). Tuesday I get to go to another meeting where they’ll have food. A small slice of heaven. As always I have schedule conflicts so I’ll do what I have to. Friday night I go to the American Cancer Society Relay for life and do the special survivors lap and wave at my adoring fans.

I wonder if it is too tacky to make up some book flyers and pass them out while I’m there. Hmmm.

Well gotta go


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