Friday, May 3, 2013

sugar coating

Not too much time today. I’m on the run, but I wanted to capture another anecdote for our Bill’s Stupid Quips Library.

So there I was the morning sun streaming through the window of the picturesque view of the industrial roof of Christiana Care. I was a chemo rookie asking lots of questions. Not quite sure what was what. In a sense I was shopping for answers I wanted and not necessarily over concerned with the truth.

In walked this nurse. Young and physically stunning in her own unkempt kind of way. She was one of those girls who didn’t really know she was beautiful, or if she did, thought it more as a hindrance, than a blessing.

So there I am. I forget what malady I was complaining about – there was no shortage. I remember she listened patiently and said, “Well I’m not gonna sugar coat this for you.

I said, “Can you go find someone who will.” 

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