Friday, April 26, 2013

support group thoughts

Good Morning All:

Sorry I didn’t get back to you yesterday. I meant to, but I just never got to it. I was busy at work putting together some stuff for a veterans thing I’m doing at work.

Okay, so here we are. I went t my group thing at the Cancer Support Community at first it was kind of strange. When I was sick I never enjoyed group all that much because they seemed like a bunch of whiners. Not only that, I’m kind of selfish so I want to monopolize the conversation. 

Anyway so there I am in the same exact chair I sat in 18 months ago – an old under-stuffed leather thing that’s has too many people empty their soul while sitting in it. It must be a tortured piece of furniture, or bored. So like I said, I initially felt kind of weird because this is a group for patients/survivors – I thought survivors never come.  Turned out I was wrong.

I imagined all these people fighting for their lives and I’d wander in big and healthy sniveling about a lack of meaning at work and these poor sons of bitches thinking, “That dirty dog, I wish I had that problem. What a baby.”

It of course turned out much differently. These folks were actively engaged in telling me what to do and how to achieve some balance and peace. Oh it was like pit bulls on red meat. I think they loved it as much as I did. It was a real perspective changer.

So I have some thinking to do about how to better deal with stuff. It was very worthwhile to and hang with people who are on the path I’ve walked. I was able to give some advice to a Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma rookie and was able to show her that this stuff is not a death sentence.

I guess that’s. See ya.


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