Monday, April 22, 2013

neuropathy, speeches and counseling

Good morning Posse:

It’s that gray time of day just before the sun inches up and I am contemplating the week. A couple of things are going. I don’t have lot of cancery things to report today. Things seem to be going okay, but it still seems like it is taking longer to recover between exercise sessions than it should.

Neuropathy seems to still pop up from time-to-time and I had an episode this weekend. I started to go for a run Saturday, but my legs weren’t responding as well as they should. Nothing serious, just inconvenient.  So went I home and ate Doritos. Last week the ground moved fluidly under underneath my feet; yesterday it was a trudge. Jeepers.

You all probably know I am the world’s biggest hypochondriac and I’m convinced every bump and ache is a lymphoma counterattack. My wife has suggested I go to counseling and I think I will. I’ll check my insurer today and see what the hoops are I have to jump through.

I have to give a graduation speech tonight as Harris School of Business at 6 p.m.  This is one of those times when my ego got in the way and I said yes, when I really want to be home gardening. Oh well.

Besides being cathartic for me it turns out others are reading our blog to help them make it through their cancer journey. Pretty cool huh?  

We bought a new coffee maker this weekend it’s a single cup unit that does not use pods. I like it because it is cheaper than my Keurig K-cup thing, but there is a design flaw. Unless you use a taller cup the drip of the coffer is so far away from the mug it splatters all over the counter. I guess that would be a counter attack (hehehehe).

That’s it for today.


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