Monday, April 15, 2013

coming back

I can feel myself coming out of my funk. That’s a good thing.

This surviving cancer while other folks don’t, kind of sucks. Not that I want to be dead, but I’d really them to be alive. I’m still a bit bowled over by the death of my friend, Melissa. Her dad sent me an email last night saying good things about me and saying arrangements had not yet been made. As some of the treatments were experimental there is a time lag because there is an autopsy to study her for lessons learned.

Back to me.

I got up at about 0500 and thought I should start my morning workouts today. Well I realized when I got out of bed at 0548 that wasn’t going to happen. I had coffee to drink, dogs to feed, and a blog to write.

I’ll run at lunch and hang around the office all stinky as a form of olfactory (this is spelled wrong I think) protest against the powers that be. To continue, there are some things I need to do this week.

  • ·      I have to figure out my leave balance – there is this web-based site you can go to that will tell you, but I can never figure out how to access the damn thing, so I have to go beg the HR lady to tell, and it is always the same conversation.

“You can check this online you know.”
“I may check this online, but I cannot because I am incapable,” I remind her. It’s always the same dance.

  • ·      Make some headway on a big vets project I’m working on. Need to do some strategic thinking on this thing. I’ve been way to in the weeds.
  • ·      Wash, compound and wax my truck.
  • ·      Send out some book press releases about my superb book available at most ebook retailers.
  • ·      Figure out the escape plan tasks and get started on them.
  • ·      Pout – No general reason, still not 100 percent positive at this point, but pouting sounds like a good start.
  • ·      Finish fixing the railing on my porch
  • ·      Mow something

You all see a trend? Only one work task. Huh?

I guess that’s it for now.

Peace to all,


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