Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Almost a year

I was gonna write this long diatribe. ... wait here it is in part --

Today is one of those weird days when I am reflective. Tomorrow will be a year to the day that I returned to work full time and right now, I feel as though it is the biggest mistake I ever made. My wife offered me the chance, when I was sick, to stay home. I should have taken it. All the reasons I came back (loyalty, joy, and working on something bigger than me) seem to have faded away into some cesspool of petty jealousy or something else I can’t quite put my finger on it all, but it all seems like I’ve wasted my time. 

It goes on and on about time lost, the parable of the ten talents, I was even gonna throw in some chaos theory for good measure.

 Then I realized my one year anniversary is not until the 10th so I can't snivel yet. I’ll hold it all in ‘till the 10th. Then -- watch out world, I’ll have something to say and it’ll be long.  I just hope I don’t lose all my righteous indignation and creative mojo. I have a limited attention span. I need a vacation. F@#k.

Well at least the Red Sox are in first place after beating the evil empire (Yankees).

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