Monday, April 29, 2013

ready, set, work

Good morning all:

Well ready to start another week.  OOOHH I can’t wait.

Actually today won’t be too bad. I have a breakfast meeting at 0915 in Greenville and then I have to drive to Dover Delaware for a noon meeting, then that’s pretty much it. Cool huh?

I usually take vacation tine in May to putter about the house and get my yard ready. Always have. This year I’m going to try my hand at bathroom remodeling. Should be pretty fun. I went and bought a book about tiling and I’m gong to throw some money and undoubtedly a few false starts at that.

I can hear it now. All my golf terms coming out, Godd$#M it, mother F*#@er, and so on. I hope my platelets are good to support all the hammered thumbs and inevitable cuts that come with a first shot at this undertaking.

I washed, compounded, and waxed my truck the other day. Mundane huh? Kinda. But in the pantheon (wrong word, but I like the sound) of post cancer tasks it’s a big deal. I did it all by hand and couldn’t have last year. It came out like an amateur did it, but that’s okay. It’s clean and shiny – mostly.

What else? I guess that’s it for now.

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