Tuesday, April 23, 2013

graduation speech

So there I am last night pontificating from the stage as the guest speaker for a business school graduation for a bunch of medical assistance, dental techs, and massage therapists. I tell them that lifelong learning is essential today and use as my example oncology nurses. I tell them that oncology nurses are the best of the best and one of the things that separates them from others is their dedication to life long learning and off duty school and blah, blah, blah.

Well anyway in the back of the audience is – you guessed it – one of the nurses that saved my life when I was in the hospital. She told me later that when I started speaking she started jabbing her husband in the ribs saying, “That’s one of my patients.” 

After  diplomas were distributed and I shook every graduates hand and reminded them of how important they are (my trials through the American health care system firmly in focus) I went and chatted with the nurse and her family for a while. It was wonderful.

Just a quick story about how small the world is and a reminder that I need to run by the cancer floor more often.  

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