Thursday, April 18, 2013

nothing special taking a day off

I was taking a look at my work leave balance and I have oodles of vacation. Oodles I tell you. Well I am writing this knowing my Verizon broadband thing doesn’t work worth a darn this morning. I’ve had lots of connectivity issues as of late.

Back to my leave. Well with all the oodles I have I decided to take a day off and maybe go fishing, or mowing the yard or reading or doing nothing. Regardless, I ain’t going to work.

I may be forced to clean my home desk today; I’m kind of at the, I can’t find anything phase of the operation. Shoot.

Well I’ve finally got a little less anger about Melissa’s death. It sucks for sure, but there really is nothing I can do, but mourn and drive on until the day I leave.

The karmic joke continued yesterday when my brother, who should have every health problem there is due to diet and years of smoking, dodged the reaper again. Not a problem, but some polyps on his larynx. No cancer no nothing. A truly lucky bastard. I hope he realizes how truly lucky he is. s

What can I say.

If my connectivity issues ever resolve themselves you’ll read this. If not, you’ll think I’m lazy.

Peace to all


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