Sunday, April 1, 2012

workout change 1 April

Good morning everyone:

Well I am fast approaching a decision point in my workout regimen. I return to work full Monday 9 April the day after we celebrate Easter. There was a whole rant concerning resurrections I took out of this note, because I didn’t want to upset the supernatural being(s) that keep the universe aligned – So don’t even think about making any resurrection jokes, or humorous analogies, but if you do send them to me and I’ll post them, laugh, and pray for your soul.

Since my schedule will be significantly altered due to the inconvenience of providing for the usurers, veterinarians, and few legitimate services I have bought, I need to realign my workout schedule. Since the frikkin dogs have seen fit to let me know daily when 0500 occurs, I am toying with the idea of starting my workouts right after I genuflect to them and pay their morning kibble tariff (it’s actually protection money reminiscent of 1970’s mafia shakedowns – remember the pictures.  Or maybe it’s a form of tithing).

When I was a soldier I used to start my days off with physical training and now that it’s getting a bit warmer it might be pretty fun to meet the sun rise while doing 1,000 lbs bicep curls (that’s what I am up to now).

I bought this Men’s Health workout book yesterday and it was published in England; all the weights were in kilos and distances were in meters. The advice probably won’t work in the colonies – Darn $14 down the drain. Not only that, who wants to look like a pasty Englishman. -- Daniel Craig only looked good after he moved to Hollywood and Sean Connery is Scottish.  Geez!

Anyway, there you have it. I need to workout, but evening is too busy with Jeopardy, Extra, and, the E Network.  Lunch is out because it’s time to eat. It seems like morning may be the only time I’ll have to improve my explosive muscularity (remember it’s only funny because I am as strong as most mathletes).

Love to all,


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