Thursday, April 12, 2012

Work I guess means work

Good Morning my Chemo 13 Gang:

Did you know going to work stuff is kind of sucky? Employers expect you to be at work and AWAKE for the entire workday? It’s medieval I tell you. And they expect you to produce things too. Next there will be schedules and performance measures; I’m beginning to get the shakes just thinking about it all.

I’m not sure how this all fits in with my napping, fishing, reading, and exercising. On the good side they give you money; that’s always nice. I do like money.

My first week at work has been very exhausting. I’ve been so tired when I come home, I just plop in my chair, let the TV’s blue tint bombard me, and wait to go to bed. I’ve walked at lunchtime with my great boss (in case she reads this) for about an hour every day, but I’ve only gotten to pump iron once this week. All the reading I’ve done about cancer recovery and all the research my wife the medical librarian has uncovered says the best respite from fatigue is apple pie – okay it’s actually exercise.

I’m not sure this level of fatigue is normal, but a fella has to return to a full life at some point and now seems as good a time as any. Like everything else I’ll just have to work through it all.

BTW a stupid note – For the longest time I thought LOL meant lots of love, I have recently found out it means laugh out loud. Many of my emails more sense now.

Guess that’s it for now!


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