Saturday, April 7, 2012

Holy Saturday and Muscle Pain

Good Morning everyone:

Happy Holy Saturday. Although not much happens, liturgically speaking, today it is nonetheless Holy Saturday. 

Well I know this blog is way more boring than the actual cancer blog because there is no life and death drama, but I guess I’ll just keep whacking away at it and use it for the second installment of my book series – which um er I um have yet to finish.

This was a very interesting week. Lot’s of muscle soreness in my legs; not from chemo-induced neuropathy, but from doing dumbbell squats. I have this theory that if I have to have neuropathy, I might as well attack it somehow and thanks to my advanced degree from an almost accredited medical school, I’ve theorized exercise is the best way to mitigate the neuropathy symptoms – not to mention the cellulite.

So I started doing light squats while hold some very light dumbbells of about 20 pounds each. And I know it’s gonna hurt later because I can actually feel my 54 year old legs screaming, “What are you really this stupid?!” It turns out I am. I ended up walking about the next day waddling like an old penguin; if I could have flopped on belly and motored about like a penguin I would have. Anyway, the next day I figure the best way to attack the muscle pain, which is supposed to attack the neuropathy, which is supposed to make my life more pain free, is to ride my bike and get the blood flowing in my legs. That didn’t work nearly as well as one would think. I was in even more pain the next day from my 45-minute bike jaunt. Well quoting that great American philosopher Forest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does,” I finally feel much better, so I bought a jump rope. 

I am officially blaming prednisone for my recent robust weight gain, but to be honest it was more likely my ravenous appetite for pastry that did me in. So anyway, that’s about it for today.

I go back to work full-time Monday – a bit apprehensive about it all. I hope I have the stamina; I think I do, but we’ll see. Next week also marks the one-year anniversary of my initial operation and cancer diagnosis. I’m a bit freaked out by that too. I’ll write more later about that.

God Bless,

See ya


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