Wednesday, August 7, 2013

tip 31 and some serious BS

Every other Tuesday I go to a cancer survivor’s support group. Last night I got into a stream of consciousness loop about my treatment at the group and the other group members were astonished at the aggressiveness of the treatment. I drove home thinking about it all and as it fades into the background of life, I’m kind of stunned too. It’s hard to believe I did all that and lived to tell the tale. When I tell the stories, they are so fantastic that I am sure people think I’m bullshitting them.
Had I not been there for the 800 hours of chemo I wouldn’t believe it either. I’m just saying.

Tip #31 – Get a recliner. From Decadron to anxiety there are gonna be plenty of sleepless nights and a recliner can really help with the quick cat nap or make it easier on your caregiver as you slink out of bed at 3 a.m. I love(d) mine I still use it most days after work.

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