Monday, August 19, 2013

Cancer tip 41’ish Essential Elements of information

Cancer Tip 41. Develop a list of essential elements of information. Now listen – as you wander about the hospital getting your daily exercise you’re not just wandering with no agenda like some zombie for the Walking Dead. IN the words of Dr. Evil, “Need the info.” There is stuff you need to know. Where’s the microwave, what kind of coffee do the nurses drink (K-Cups?), where do the drug sales people hang out, where is the water cooler that has the hot water spigot, what visitors are being mean to our nurses, what families bring donuts?
Grasshoppers, each will be explained in time although the donut one pretty easy -- you have to put on you your very best “poor me I have cancer face” and shamelessly stare at the donut box like a Dickensian waif in an orphanage wanting more gruel. Imagine a little British Boy with a cockney accent, “Excuse sir, (cough, cough), are donuts the same as when I came to the ‘ospital so long ago? No, no I don’t want one. I was just enjoying the aroma, sir. No one ever brings me donuts. (cough, cough) Okay if you insist. And then o slowly and painfully shuffle away. Don’t skip away or do a jig because you bilked someone out of a free donut. It’ll ruin it for the rest of us.

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