Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sex and Lymphoma recovery

Cancer tip 38 – Since Lance brought it up (no pun) let’s talks sex. I can only talk for middle-aged fat guys from Delaware with a smoking hot wife and three nosy dogs. Give it time. Just give it time. From all the pounding our blood took there is going to be a period of “what the hell just happened” and sex is way off the radar screen. Not only that with every Cialis add reminding us, “It may be a matter of blood flow,” the leap – real or imagined – from blood flow to blood cancer and performance anxiety create a real mental mess. Here’s the thing – all things in time. Middle-aged fat guys from Delaware will bounce back in about six months or so if you can manage to keep the dogs away from the door of whatever room you are using. Especially the GD Yorkshire Terrier. 

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