Tuesday, August 6, 2013

stomach yucky and tip 30

I’m doing fine, but I felt nauseous after my run yesterday. I am such a hypochondriac now. As you all know since my cancer started in my intestines I am leery any time I get a stomach ouchy, but I didn’t panic last night. I had a couple of PB&J’s , did some writing, watched a little TV, did some reading and went back to bed. 

Anyway tip 30.

Cancer Tip #30 – Shave you own head before your hair falls out. I don’t mean you actually shave it, but have your lover do it. With the right music on in the background and the proper amount of crying while it’s happenings it can be on e of the most romantic things ever – kind of an upside-down redo of the scene from “Phenomenon” when Kyra Sedgewick shaves John Travolta (okay that’s creepy). Regardless, shaving my own head seemed to symbolize gaining control over an uncontrollable situation. 

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