Monday, August 26, 2013

Cancer Tip44

Cancer Tip44: Prescription Control: Because you will be on 36+ different prescriptions:  Preparing a spreadsheet drug schedule which will come in handy when dosing yourself up with all those drugs!  I prepared one for prescription drugs & OTC with: what it was, dosage amount, what it was for, when to take it and left blank parts to fill in by hand such as date, time, and dosage amount.  This helped keep me on schedule and ensure I took what I needed when I needed it no matter where I was and I didn't OD on the plethora of pills.  I also carried this to the Oncol's office.  I still use an updated version of what, who much, when, how many, and why to my PCP or other specialist know what I'm on, how much, when.  I am not on as much but my mind is not what it used to be so when they ask: what are you taking; I pull out the list and give them a copy.

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