Monday, August 5, 2013

tip 29 and whining.

Hey guys:
Good morning. I’m thinking about moving all my blog stuff from here to facebook. I put together a Chemo 13 page a year or so ago and never used it. Maybe I’ll just keep it the way it is. Not much going on right now. I ate way too much this weekend and am really bloated. I realize that has nothing to do with recovery, but what the heck. Tip #29 is below. 

Cancer Tip #29 – Develop a system to remember what drugs you took. Those little trays with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ets. Work okay, but I discovered I was too lazy and would drop stuff anyway because my hands shook. In lieu of that, when I took my pills in the morning, I turned my bottles upside down in the evening, right side up. That way I knew what I took. 

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