Monday, March 18, 2013

stomach pain

hey guys:

Just hanging out. REcovery plodding along. I admit it doesn’t have the sexiness of being in the middle of the cancer fight, but what are you gonna do?

I keep waiting for the weather to break so I can start my spring time work out rituals but it just isn’t cooperating. 

My omnipresent runny nose is driving me to distraction. As is the post nasal drip that causes me to constantly clear my throat. It pisses me off. The constant clearing of my throat to deal with the drip has the affect of making my stomach muscles ache (I suspect a small hernia, but the doc won’t do anything ‘till it gets more pronounced.)  This is all still a left over from the bowel resection, but fudgesicles man. It can be quite uncomfortable from time-to-time.

Oh well.

BTW a huge shout out to my friend Lyn, who just edited my book -- rewrote is more like it. Yikes. Anyway thanks. 

See ya,


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