Tuesday, March 5, 2013

feeling pretty good


Here is a little secret – I’m a book nerd. It’s true. One would think as manly a man as I am that I would read books about hunting, fishing, brewing and pretzel eating and although those are fine reads, especially the angling tomes. My tastes tend to more literary. And not only that I am such a nerd I keep a book journal of every book I read and review them.

It’s been a long time since I’ve given anything an A– or higher (that would be five out of five chemo bags).  The only things that come t mind as being five-chemo bags worthy have been The Wars of the Roses by Allison Weir and the greatest book ever written (no not the Bible that’s The greatest Story Ever told according to Cecil B Demille). I got all distracted. Where was I? Oh yeah the great book ever. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.

Geez that took a long time.

Anyway I just read an A- book or as close to five chemo-bags a writer can get without actually getting all five. Let’s call it 4. 78065 chemo-bags. It’s called the “Watchers” by Jon Steele. I put a brief review from Goodreads.com below. Actually this website gets a few chemo-bags too. It’s pretty great.

What else. Feeling pretty good about work today, I locked myself away yesterday and did some stuff. My boss and I had a heart-to-heart that I won’t share with you. Anyway, I still have a bit of stuff to do.

I get to go to DC on the government’s dime soon. I don’t actually want to go and be away form home, but they do pay me and sometimes work can be inconvenient. I am going to two conferences.

That’s it for today. See ya!

Meet Marc Rochat, a man-child who has devoted his life to being the bell ringer at the Gothic Lausanne Cathedral, one of the greatest architectural structures in the world. Eerie things have been going on in and around his church, including tremblings in the underground crypt and a variety of gruesomely murdered bodies showing up in nearby streets. Across the square from the cathedral lives Katherine Taylor, a beautiful young American woman who is making phenomenal money as one of the highest-priced call girls in Switzerland; she's a bit too introspective for her own good and, unfortunately, much too observant of her clients' peccadilloes. Rochat's and Taylor's lives collide with Jay Harper, a British private eye who has been sent to investigate the killings and other strange doings; alas, he has no memory of who hired him or precisely why he was chosen for the job. And now all the clues are pointing skyward, where fallen angels are said to haunt Lausanne.

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