Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tip and traffic

Cancer Tip 59 – I’ve been away from the group a little bit. I had to scoot up to RI for a hit and run personal visit. Just wanted to say hi to folks and then turn around and come right back. It was just a one-nighter. It took forever on the freeway. There are too many people in the Northeast between Delaware and Massachusetts and most of them are driving while texting.  I was in more traffic due to someone else’s accidents that the four our ride from Delaware to providence took 7 ½ hours it was terrible.
Okay the tip, This seminar I went to talked about building a binder, and coming form the army I am a big binder advocate. As you know the Army problem solving method is “identify a problem, build a binder.” While I advocate stuffing everything in a binder, the patient should prepare and update weekly a special caregiver binder with the following stuff:
An updated list of medicines, dosages and times taken -- this includes the stuff you take at home, the crazy herbal stuff your aunt is making you take, and all the chemo drugs as well; a complete list of contact info; a living will or what every you want in case you can’t communicate; a power of attorney; insurance policy numbers (life and health); all those release slips the doc send home with you. 

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