Friday, October 11, 2013

Chemo Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Tip 61 –  Let’s start from the beginning chemo sucks when you’re going through it, but you might get a lifetime gift from it too. Chemo Induced Peripheral Neuropathy! Yeah baby. The symptoms are miserable and they include: a burning feeling in you limbs (and everywhere else for that matter); numbness, stabbing pain (when not numb), pricking (what ever that is), tingling, sharpness, shooting, and electric shock type feeling in extremities. But wait there’s more! Apparently this little gift can come with a healthy dose of constipation too – aren’t cancer patients lucky (and apparently full of sh#@T). Anyway, there is some good news and I’ll talk about it over the next couple of days. If any of you have tips to deal with this, sound off. Mine is usually worse if the lawn needs to be mowed, my lovely wife wants to go purse shopping, or there is a good football game on TV.

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