Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back for NOLA

No tip today guys. I can’t find my neuropathy notes. Poop! I have only halfway unpacked from my trip to New Orleans. I had a wonderful time. I was a bit apprehensive about traveling since I hadn’t gone that far since being sick. As you all know I am a hypochondriac and was convinced flying in a pressurized cabin would make my Ommaya do something painful. The only real pain I experienced was sitting on the tarmac in Orlando for 3 ½ waiting for takeoff. Takeoff!!! I hate that they hold you hostage in the tarmac instead of letting you wander around the concourse when there is a delay. I did drink whiskey for the first time in three years while I was there. I also drank wine the night before. I probably don’t have a platelet in sight.
My dog and I are going fishing later today in a little creek near our house. He and I are also going to hike to, what looks to be, a bass pond. We’ll see, but first it is off to bed. BTW reading a great book called Unbroken about an American hero I had never heard of Louie Zamperini. More to follow.
I guess that’s it. See ya 

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