Thursday, October 17, 2013

REcovery stuff we’ve already discussed

Tip #62 – Recovery stuff. Since I lost my neuropathy notes and the Internet is full of stuff here ‘s a link to the mayo clinic -- Okay maybe I should’ve held the mayo (heh, heh). Oh god I love “Airplane” humor. One question -- why does the spell-check make you capitalize Internet? How did that become a proper noun? I digress. Recovery is its own little bag of happy in a lot of ways. There are false starts with doctors; neuropathy pain; return to work issues; the realization you are not the same as you were; and the constant fear of getting sick again. But then again, that might just be me. The thing I noticed was how much physical strength I had lost from getting sick even to now.
So here’s the tip. Be patient. This walk is just as long and winding as the treatment phase. 

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