Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welcome To My Cancer Recovery

Well, I'm back. This blog will be a place where I discuss my recovery from cancer. It's kind of weird really. I'm writing this for me, but hoping you'll read along and pass the blog address on to your buddies who may be trying to figure it all out -- not that I have anything figured out. But I have ideas.

Since I'll be going back to work starting the 17th I need a way to write about it and not hurt people's feelings. There is a career graveyard full of bloggers that have stepped on their ponchos by writing something stupid about work.

So I think it is best I use code. For example when I'm talking about the Department of Labor, I'll call it the Labor Department. Pretty well camouflaged hey? No one will ever figure it out. When I'm talking about my boss, the code phrase will be "the finest person I know." That ought to throw 'em off the trail (and very subtle too).

Here's the other thing. I know the stuff is out there, but once you begin the post-treatment recovery  phase there seems to be very little info that is easy to touch. Hell,  I received two welcome packets when I got my diagnosis, but not even a pamphlet when I went into remission. As I find out what works for me and post it, maybe it'll help somebody else.

I won't be posting every morning like I did with the other blog, because I am working again and have to get there by 0800. So I'll have to post in the evenings. We'll see how fatigue figures into all this as well.

I'll be posting some embarrassing "before" pictures of me as I begin my recovery and take some more after in about six months. I hope it doesn't burn anyone's retina.

Okay that's it for now I guess.

See you all later.


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