Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feeling a bit better; dogs gone wild 2

Good Morning:

I know I should be keeping up with this better than I am, but this damn cough has sapped me of my strength and enthusiasm, but I’m feeling a bit better today. A couple of things to report though. Had a chest X-Ray done, a sinus CT (I think it was a ruse to see if I really have a brain; I suspect the Secretary ordered it), and some blood work. I threatened them by saying my sister would start calling if they didn’t do some tests. They complied.

Last week was a new record for me as I walked three miles and rode the recumbent bike for 50 minutes (it feels like I’ve typed these words before? If I weren’t so lazy I’d check my files documents folder).

Buzz is very sick. He hasn’t eaten on his own since Saturday. He has some kind of pancreatitis, or hepatitis, or some kind of titis. He is a jerk as far as getting him to take medicine goes. I have to crush his pills, mix ‘em with water, put that slurry in a syringe, and chase him around the house trying to squirt the medicine down his throat. At one point last night he bared his teeth at me as a warning. I may have to resort to taking him for rides in the pick up truck (he loves cruising and sits there with his mouth open) and while he’s lounging about the cab slowly slides a pill down his throat.

Harry is the one I wish were sick. This photo is not of a garbage dump; a mafia body drop site; the tattered remains of a Seal Team Six raid; or a picture of my college dorm room (there is no … um, well, never mind). It is a photo of my little home office that Harry decorated yesterday with contents of several full bags of recycling. He has lost his mind.

Those of you who know me well, realize that housekeeping is pretty low on the things I worry about meter – as long as I have my books, guitars, and other toys I’m pretty happy. So I was even more upset with Harry when he went nuts in the spot where I had vacuumed the day before – that’s why I don’t do it too much. Cleanliness is so, so, er ephemeral.

I guess that’s it I’ll try to do better as far as updates go. 

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