Thursday, January 26, 2012

scatology and heart rates

1/26/12 5:26 AM

Good morning or afternoon as it may be.

Well, I am in the middle of week two of going back to work and it’s actually getting better. My stamina is improving a bit and the work is still pretty fun. My cough is still hanging around, but the doctor has me on some antibiotics.

I told her to open the medicine cabinet and give me the good diarrhea producing stuff – you know the antibiotics that make your stomach gurgle. She gave me some blue pills and if I weren’t so lazy I’d go out the kitchen and tell you the name of them all – but, alas I am lazy.

One of those unfun tasks dog owners have is picking up puppy poop periodically. I was out back late yesterday afternoon and suffice it to say I have overwhelming scatological evidence that Harry has been the main culprit in the dog mutiny I told you about the other day. I mean overwhelming evidence.

I set a new record for walking the day before yesterday and finished about three miles. It really was a beautiful day. It wore me out though and I slept for about an hour in my recliner when we got back, but still three miles is pretty good. 60 days ago it would have been way less.

I am also up to 50 minutes on the recumbent bike at the middle (level 15) resistance level. It seems to take forever to get my heart rate up to a good 120 to 141 beats per minute, which is a pretty good target heart rate since 166 is about the max for a 54 year old.

According to the Mayo Clinic this is how you calculate heart rates:

For vigorous exercise, aim for a target heart rate of 70 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate (MHR). Your MHR (roughly calculated as 220 minus your age) is the upper limit of what your cardiovascular system can handle during physical activity.

These numbers are estimates that provide an average value. Many people have a higher or lower MHR, sometimes by as much as 15 to 20 beats per minute. Disagreement exists on how to most accurately estimate your MHR and what percentage range to target.

Getting up and writing this blog in the morning seems like the only time I’m gonna do it. When I get home from work I have lunch, take a snooze and then work out, After that I’ll shower and then putter about and check my email. I supposed I could write then, but Dr. Phil’s on (only kidding).

I guess that’s it huh? Pretty boring stuff.


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