Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First day back

Good morning all:

Yesterday was a good first day back at work. The half-day schedule thing seems like it is a real good idea. Or is it a really good idea – I always get real and really mixed up. The old axiom of “Graveyards are full of indispensible men” may be true, but if you don’t die the work does pile up while your gone.

My boss and the folks at DOL are pretty insistent that I follow the ½ day thing until I work my way back. That’s a good thing. When I got home yesterday I crashed for about 90 minutes. I still have some stamina to work on. I discovered I really can’t wear a belt right now as the leather goes over my scar and it is still a bit tender at this point.

I haven’t experienced any cognitive problems yet (chemo brain) so that’s good and my hands and feet haven’t had any neuropathy symptoms so that’s good news too. I’m at the tail end of a persistent cough.

My workout schedule is going slower than I wanted, but it is what it is. I’ve experienced some abdominal pain from the scarring and I’ve had this persistent cough I’ve been babying along.  

I’m up to 2 ¼ miles now of walking. I walked about a mile yesterday afternoon. For some reason I am very tentative about running. I’ll do the recumbent bike and other stuff, but there is something holding me back; I can’t put my finger on it. My little voice – like George Costanza’s is an idiot – but it keeps saying, “not yet.” So I am waiting.

Right now my workout regimen is this:

Monday- walk or recumbent bike
Tuesday – Yoga using the Wii machine
Wednesday – Walk or recumbent bike
Thursday – Yoga using Wii machine
Friday – New Personal Record for Walk or Recumbent Bike
Saturday – get coffee at Starbucks
Sunday – play with dogs at Bark Park

As you can see it is pretty much the same workout as a nursing home resident. Oh well.

Have a great day,


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