Thursday, October 8, 2015


Okay this is the best advice you’re going to get, but most will tell you I’m crazier as a loon. Ready?! Attack you goal with reckless baby step abandon. Push yourself to the point of exhaustion, rest, and do it again.
When I finished chemo I could only walked to stop sign about 200 yards from my house and back, but I forced myself to keep at it. Soon I was at the stop sign plus the trashcan and back. A bit later I passed the stop sign to the basketball court and turned down the street to the dog that runs back and forth behind the fence. And on it went.
I had to overcome the neuropathy (avoid really hard floor at big box stores or anyplace with a purse department with no chairs), fatigue, bad shoes, bad weather; so will you. After gutting it out for a couple of months I was able to trek ALL the way around the block. I felt like Marco Polo returning to Europe forms the Silk Road.
Having accomplished that task I moved onto the bicycle. Well, we’ll talk about that later.
What you need to do now is attack! Attack! Attack!

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