Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Burkitt’s Lymphoma Recovery Tip #6 Hernias Are Hiding

Man I’ve got a headache. Not so bad that I won’t write our super fantastic tip. Ready? 
BEWARE OF HERNIAS. Odd kind of tip, I realize that. But it is important nonetheless. Depending on what goals you are trying to achieve you may put pressure on a spot on your body where you had a tumor removed. It goes kind of like this – you go in and they remove a tumor, some surgeon gives you a preliminary diagnosis of lymphoma, when you achieve the minimum amount of healing you go to the hematologist, and he says, “Holy Toledo you have Burkitt’s, we need to get you to the hospital to start chemo.”
The problem is, the minimum amount of healing isn’t complete healing. So when you start chemo and your platelets drop, the internal healing of you incision and other stuff they cut through can slow way down and even occur unevenly.
So depending on your goals, you might feel a pull here or tension there, or even a teensy weensy lump near the incision, which might be some type of hernia.
If you feel this and are planning to run a marathon get you surgeon to give this a second look.

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