Tuesday, January 7, 2014

No new job, but bronchitis is better

Good morning all:

Well it looks I’m gonna survive my first post-chemo real illness. I’ll tell ya, it felt the jury was out for a bit, but I’m just being overly dramatic. Felt incredibly lousy since December 23rd. Turns out I had a cold that morphed into bronchitis. I was sure kid crud was gonna get me; I made it. Still got a stuffy nose, but that I can handle.

Got the official word that I did not get the job in Oregon. I expected as much. It was as if I had job interviewed induced Tourette’s Syndrome; shit just came out of my mouth and it was like an out-body experience. I can’t explain it. Who knows? It’s like I just said words with no rhyme or reason to their meaning. All-in-all quite embarrassing – especially for a workforce professional.

Probably for the best though it took a lot of courage to even take a shot at a move like that. Still don’t know if I wanted the job, I just hate losing (and losing my mind).

I guess that’s it. Hope springs eternal.

Love to all,


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